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*Edition to 250 copies on black vinyl*

Oakland CA’s Cronander is a relatively new band but their roots have run deep in the California punk scene for over 2 decades. Initially formed about 20 years ago and weathering a very long hiatus, this album is finally a reality. Having drawn comparisons to Poison Idea, RKL and Agent Orange, Cronander’s primary punk/hardcore style also pulls from skaterock, thrash, heavy rock and NWOBHM influences, creating an angry and blistering delayed youthful sound. Cronander is Jamie and Grande from Annihilation Time, vocalist Klint from Oakland’s Strung Up and drummer Clint (yes, two Clints!) from ANS, Deathgrave, Isotope etc. This album features original art by Clint and Shaun Filley, and was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Comes with digital download and limited to 250 copies, don’t miss out on this rager of a record!

(Annihilate!/Lummox Records)

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