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Self-released debut release by Psychic Hit.
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(Incl. former members of Queen Crescent and Ovvl)

"Imagine a crazy alternative reality where Stevie Nicks held impromptu late night jam sessions with Thin Lizzy. Envision a fantasy world where Judas Priest reinterpreted “Satori Part I” instead of “Diamonds and Rust”. If a super fan got hold of these wild recordings and put them on a bootleg mixtape, that might give you an idea of what Psychic Hit’s debut demo “Promo 2018” sounds like.

With great ambition, the band revs it to the four corners of the rock universe. The demo opens with a doom-laden power epic, “The Fool”, followed by a jaunty hook-infused roller, “Fortune’s Wheels”. Third in line is a labyrinthian prog-folk turns hard rock epode, “Plateau”. And last, but certainly not least, arrives their anthemic stadium ripper, “The Whip”. This demo does indeed what it should - it demonstrates the band’s formidable songwriting prowess. In an era where genres are rigidly defined, such a sonic array in one recording is extremely rare. Psychic Hit is cleary keen to transmogrify and to break free.

Although their sound is heavily influenced by both 70s greats and rarities, this demo is anything but anachronistic. Like modern contemporaries such as Kadavar, Hot Lunch, and Hällas, Psychic Hit endeavors to recast rock music in their own image, rather than to just simply imitate eras past.

Self-recorded in 2 ½ days (July 2018) at the now defunct Oakland, CA studio “Secret Bathroom”, Psychic Hit is thrilled to present their very first recording to the masses."

HAVE A LISTEN: https://psychichit.bandcamp.com/album/promo-2018

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