• Image of SANTA CRUZ - 'Down On My Knees' 2xLP
  • Image of SANTA CRUZ - 'Down On My Knees' 2xLP

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(Double LP incl. inner sleeve with all the lyrics)

"The sinister sequel to Orange Sunshine, a true magnum opus, dramatic doom and manic drone metal mixed with creeping elements of theatrical gothic horror pop, bad acid trip drug rock,superseventies' heroin boner boogie, angry desert blues soundscapes, and even some epic classical philharmony, romantic guitar music and neo-folk, all blended together into one long, dark and psychotic orchestral rock opera full of the subliminal stimulation of distraughting dissonants and overwhelming overtones. Through paranoia, penetration and pain, through deliverance, catharsis and gratitude, Santa Cruz shall be your Virgil in the purgatory of your little twisted mind..."

(Motorwolf Records)

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