THE RESONARS - 'Disappear' LP


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Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

Disappear, the latest album from The Resonars, finds one of our finest modern-day pop craftsmen operating at the peak of his powers. For over 20 years, Matt Rendon has been making first-rate '60s-inspired psychedelic pop records under the Resonars name. His output has been remarkably consistent and ever faithful to the 1965-67 era of popular music. While Disappear does feature appearances from members of Rendon's live band on a couple of tracks, it was for the most part recorded entirely by Rendon in his home studio. As always, he wears the influence of The Byrds, Zombies, Hollies, and later '60s Who & Kinks on his sleeve. And as always, the quality of his songwriting and vocal arrangements is at a level comparable to the top bands of the psychedelic pop era. - Faster and Louder Blog

(Midtown Island Records)

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