VA 'SWEET TIMES - Volume 6' 7" Vinyl


Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

Artwork by Jesse California.

- - - - -


A1 - DEALER "Casino"
A2 - CHAR-MAN "Freak Rock"
B2 - ZIG ZAGS "Blood"

- - - - -


"It is with great pleasure and awe that i’m presenting you the cover art for the sixth (!) …and (without any doubt) the heaviest and (most-likely) meanest volume of "SWEET TIMES" that'll come for you in the coming weeks from Who Can You Trust? Records!

This time the artwork has been handled by the one and only Jesse California and i can’t wait to hold the physical thing in my hands, as the whole package is going to look more than sweet!

So… we still have a little bit of time ahead of us before i'm going to present you any of the music, so i'll just leave this info here to heat up the anticipation…

„SWEET TIMES - Volume 6“ features brand new recordings by Dealer (former Sexless) from Oakland, California... (If you haven’t yet, go and check out their full-length on Wicked World Records!!), Char-Man (feat. Zarian from Lecherous Gaze on vocals!), Hydromedusa (the self-described Rock & Roll parasites from of Adelaide, South Australia!) and (if that wasn't enough already...) there’s also a shiny new ripper from Zig Zags that'll find you senseless after the last note, hidden in the deepest corner of the run-out groove !!! OH MY..."

- - - - -